Thank You For Choosing Financial Engines Advisor Center
What happens now?
We will call you within a couple of days
to answer any questions you have and
to set up a time when we can meet.
We'll talk about your current situation
goals and risk tolerance, using our
"Investor DNA" process.
I'll explain our four-step approach to
investment planning
, designed to keep
in mind your best interests as we work
to reach your investment goals.
How to prepare?
Expect a call from an Advisor
so write down any preliminary
questions you might have.
Gather your most recent
statements or other retirement
information you may have.
Start writing down you list of
goals, wishes and must-haves
for your happiness.
Why this is so important?
A list of funds picked by
The Research Center.
Actionable recommmendations you can
immediately apply to your investing.
A meeting with an Advisor to
discuss your questions.