Retirement Paycheck®

United States Patent no. 8,224,735

Do you...

  • Have a retirement plan and run it against scenarios to ensure you will not run out of money during retirement?

  • Follow the steps that plan requires? 

  • Have plans to create an “income stream” in retirement? 

  • Have a tax-optimized distribution strategy?

Things to consider

The first rule of retirement income planning is to never run out of money. The second rule is to never forget the first rule. Retirement distribution strategies are unique to each individual/couple, taking into account their goals, needs and ability to handle risk. Without a regular paycheck, you need to create a consistent, sustainable income stream at the lowest cost. You must make sure that your distribution strategy is tax-optimized to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

We can help

Monthly Retirement Income. Market Growth.
No upfront fees. No surrender penalties. Liquid assets.

We developed the patented Retirement Paycheck service to provide you with steady income, while also allowing you to participate in the growth of the market. Retirement Paycheck offers several advantages compared to other retirement income strategies:

  • Steady stream of income.
    1- to 5-years' worth of monthly payments held in conservative securities. Monthly payments can offset inflation pressures, allowing you to better meet your monthly expenses.

  • You get to be a long-term investor.
    A portion of your assets is invested in a diversified mix of mutual funds with the longer-term goal of growing assets.

  • Designed to wait out down markets.
    With 1-to 5-years' worth of monthly payments held in investments like bonds and CDs, it can help you face a down market.

Speak with your local advisor to learn how it can be used to plan for and provide a monthly income during retirement.

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