Help For Life

Our goal is to help plan participants retire with confidence.

How It Works

Retirement Evaluation

We give employees a personalized Retirement Evaluation based on their current investing and savings decisions, as well as their age and salary.

This gives them a realistic view of their financial future, and lets them know where they stand with savings, risk, diversification, and company stock. We also provide a retirement income forecast so they can see if they’re on track to retire with the income they’ll need.

Personalized Retirement Plan

Our Retirement Plan includes investment, savings, and retirement income strategies to help employees meet their retirement goals.

They'll see our suggestions for how much to save, when they could retire, learn about risk, and what the impact of their decisions may be on their retirement income.

Flexible solutions

Financial Engines can work with employees in two ways. With Professional Management, we create, implement, and monitor a personalized Retirement Plan for them for a low monthly fee.

Investment Advisor Representatives are available to help with everything from enrollment and personalization of the Retirement Plan to making changes and answering questions. 

For do-it-yourself investors, our Online Advice service offers access to expert recommendations and interactive tools so employees can create, implement, and maintain their investment account on their own.

Retirement income solutions

We help employees figure out how to save and invest their 401(k) so they can have enough for their retirement years.

Financial Engines® Income+, an extension of Professional Management, is designed to provide steady monthly payouts from 401(k) accounts that can last for life.* Income+ provides access to advisor representatives to help with questions, while being safe and easy for employers to implement within the 401(k) plan.

*With Financial Engines’ Income+, payouts begin in retirement at your request. Income+ is designed to manage your investments to create payouts that can last into your early 90s. If you think you’ll want payouts longer than that and want a lifetime guarantee, consider an optional annuity purchase. Financial Engines does not guarantee payout amounts or payouts for life.