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The Big Play: The Power of Company Match

We recently conducted a study finding that regular people – just like you – are walking away from “free money.” The numbers are fairly staggering, totaling 24 billion dollars a year. What’s this free money? It’s your company 401(k) match – the money your company is willing to invest in your future. Younger people are much more likely to be missing out.

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Your Secret Weapon: Painless Contribution Increases.

Steadily increase your contribution with each raise or new job.

If you get a new job or a pay increase, pay yourself first. The idea is that you start increasing how much you are saving in your 401(k) until you are getting all of your company’s match. And then, push yourself to hit your maximum contribution rate to grow your savings even faster.

Because these are pre-tax dollars, you’ll find it really won’t hurt that much. Talk with your HR team to make the change. They can help you run the numbers to understand how these small changes really don’t have a huge impact on your take home pay.