Much can be said about market swings, but market volatility is a normal part of investing. Look here for insight on the latest market events and how it could impact your bottom line.

Market Commentary

Financial Engines Market Update, Q4 2016: The Year of Surprises

2016 was marked by a number of economic and political surprises: Brexit, continued low inflation and interest rates, and most recently, the 2016 Presidential election yielding Republican control of the White House and Congress. Despite the uncertainty created by the…


Market Summary: December

U.S. Stock Markets See a Strong Finish to 2016 U.S. stocks continued their post-election ascent in December, although the gains partially reversed toward the end of the month. Once again, small-cap stocks led the way, with the S&P 600 index…


Market Summary: November

The Surprise Election Result: Domestic Stocks Surge as Uncertainty Remains Voters surprised pollsters and the markets by electing Donald Trump president on Nov. 8. Over the remainder of the month, markets responded sharply to the unexpected result with domestic stocks…


From the Hill

Market Update: The Election and Your Portfolio

At Financial Engines, we take pride in being here for you when financial markets seem uncertain. And as we’ve seen over the last 10 days, presidential elections tend to bring market volatility to the forefront – both leading up to…


Today’s Elections Won’t Decide Your Long-Term Financial Future

Americans everywhere have been using a variety of words to describe this election cycle, but “drama-free” certainly hasn’t been one of them. Between the candidates’ one-upsmanship and non-stop media coverage, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and…


Presidential Policy Comparison

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have different approaches to domestic and international policy. During the coming weeks and months, we’ll likely learn more details about each candidate’s plans, but in the meantime, it can be helpful…