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A beneficiary on your IRA account may have the opportunity to “stretch” the IRA proceeds over their lifetime.

Results are not a complete assessment of all factors required to make a final decision. Contact one of our investment advisors for more complete information based on your personal circumstances

Use this RMD calculator to get a hypothetical projection of the required minimum distributions for you and your beneficiary.

RMD amounts are based on your age and year-end values in your eligible accounts.

Typically, distribution amounts are calculated by dividing your prior Dec. 31 balance by your life expectancy factor from one of three tables published by the IRS. If you own more than one qualifying account, you may take RMDs from one or all of them provided you meet your minimum distribution amount.

If you die before taking RMDs, different rules apply to the beneficiary of your account. Generally, the entire value of your accounts must be distributed to your beneficiary within five years of your death or over the life of your beneficiary starting within one year of your death.

Before you make any decisions about taking RMDs from your account, you should contact your financial advisor and tax professional.