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Saving can be tough and we’re here to help. We have suggestions, research and insights on how you can save more for your short- and long-term goals – including retirement.

Budget Planning

Build your best budget.

A recent poll showed that only 41% of Americans have a budget.1 Are you in this group? Maybe you’ve tried to manage a budget and had a tough time with it. Or perhaps it seems overwhelming. Budgeting can be easier than…


Three tips for spending smart with credit cards.

It’s no secret that credit cards can be a useful financial tool. They offer the flexibility to finance things you need and often provide valuable perks like cash back or travel points. However, credit cards are a double-edged sword. If…


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

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Should you convert your traditional 401(k) to a Roth 401(k)?

Taxes are generally unavoidable. But when it comes to your retirement savings, you have a choice as to when you want to pay them. Now, or later? When you make pre-tax contributions to a traditional 401(k) plan, you’re choosing the…


How to use your open enrollment period to save more for retirement.

That special time at work is nearly upon us: Open enrollment period! Every September, October, and November, workers across the country sift through a sea of forms to select their benefit options for the year ahead. Most of the attention…


Life Insurance

Understanding the different types of life insurance.

You probably know that having a life insurance policy is important, but may not know which of the array of options is right for you. Here, we break down the different types of policies and explain which may be better…


The basics of life insurance.

September is national Life Insurance Awareness Month. And while it’s important to consider life insurance throughout the entire year, this “holiday” can be extra motivation to re-evaluate your current policy — or more importantly, look into buying one if you…


Education & College Planning

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What you need to know about managing and repaying your student loans.

A college or graduate degree can be valuable and empowering. It can also come at a significant cost, mostly in the form of student loans. If you or someone you know is faced with the challenge of repaying student loans,…


Keeping your undergrad healthy: What to know about health insurance options for college students.

College can be an exciting (and emotional!) time for the whole family. There are courses to select, dorm decorations to buy and meal plans to choose from. It also marks a big step toward greater independence. So how do you…


Family and Finances

Beyond bottles and diapers: Financial considerations new parents need to think about.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most exciting, yet confusing, times of a person’s life, since everyone likely has conflicting opinions and advice about what to do. As with any significant life event, we’re here to help you…


Protect yourself against identity theft.

Whether they’re snatching your purse, diving into your dumpster, stealing your mail, or hacking into your computer, they’re out to get you. Who are they? Identity thieves. The headaches that identity thieves can cause is well documented: They can empty…


Getting Started in Investing

Buying or selling a home.

Purchasing a home is among the largest single financial transactions most people will ever make. It’s not something to take lightly. After all, this is where you are going to spend years or possibly decades of your life. So, do…


Only 6% of Americans passed this financial literacy quiz. Can you?

Nearly half of Americans are feeling more financially secure today compared to five years ago, but this sense of security may be masking blind spots that could undermine their long-term financial health, according to our recent Financial Engines survey. We…