Saving can be tough and we’re here to help. We have suggestions, research and insights on how you can save more for your short- and long-term goals – including retirement.

Budget Planning

Six Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

For many of us, warmer weather and melting snow are signs that it’s time to clean house. While you’re at it, spruce up your finances. Here are six things you can do this season: Organize and back up your files….


When It Comes to Finances, Don’t Leave it to Luck

We wish that financial planning was as simple as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but most of us aren’t that lucky. Instead of searching for four-leaf clovers, focus on creating a long-term financial plan…


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

Financial Plans Lagging? Help Is on the Way!

Regardless of income level, people with a financial plan also tend to save more for retirement. Those with a financial plan save around 10% of their salaries toward retirement, compared to just 6% for those without a plan. To access…


It’s Open Enrollment Season!

Open enrollment season upon us, which means you’ll be faced with a number of complex decisions about your benefits in the next few weeks – from healthcare to flexible spending accounts. And while most 401(k) plans allow you to make…


Life Insurance

Six Tips to Help Improve Your Life Insurance Medical Exam Score

When you buy a life insurance policy, you’re often required to have a medical exam, which helps your insurer determine your estimate and plan. A higher score on your life insurance medical exam can have a big impact on the…


Four Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Life Insurance Every Year

Life insurance is often viewed as a “set it and forget it” element of personal finance – but thinking of it this way is an unfortunate mistake. Life is too volatile to assume that the life insurance policy you previously…


Education & College Planning

Giving the Gift of Education

As the popular saying and song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and for many, this season means thinking about what type of gifts you’ll give to the special people in your life. If you have someone…


Balancing College and Retirement Savings

As a parent, it’s natural to want to do all you can to help your child succeed – and for many, college is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to setting their children up for success. Higher…


Family and Finances

The Sandwich Generation: How to Juggle Family Responsibilities

Taking care of aging parents AND raising kids of your own? Congratulations and welcome to the club. You’re now a member of the Sandwich Generation. Membership isn’t exclusive. Studies indicate that 47% of all Americans in their 40s and 50s…


Beyond the Basics: Teaching Kids About Personal Finance

Parents are responsible for teaching their kids a lot and financial literacy has a place on that long list. But financial topics can be tough to explain, even to adult children. However, there are plenty of learning opportunities peppered throughout…


Getting Started in Investing

The Road to Financial Independence

Today’s young adults are contending with significant student loan debt, stagnant wages and rising rent. In this environment, becoming financially independent can be tough. A recent study from Fidelity found that 47% of millennials have had their parents cover the…


How to Tell If Your Advisor Is Following the Fiduciary Standard

When the Department of Labor passed the final version of its conflict-of-interest rule requiring any advisor delivering retirement savings advice to follow the fiduciary standard, consumers everywhere applauded (and rightfully so). Most were also left with significant questions, however. For…