Saving can be tough and we’re here to help. We have suggestions, research and insights on how you can save more for your short- and long-term goals — including retirement.

Budget Planning

How to Teach Young Children to Save and Invest

It can be both fun and educational for your kids. When it comes to teaching children about money, you should get them involved early…as young as 7 or 8 years of age. Have them help with the bill paying. Expose…


5 ways to kick your retirement savings up a notch.

Ever get the feeling you’re not saving enough to meet your retirement income needs? You’re not alone. The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey found that only half of workers are confident they know how much income they’ll…


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

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Is your 401(k) on autopilot?

As American workers increasingly rely on employer-sponsored retirement plans as a primary source of retirement income, providers and employers need to find ways to help employees maximize this benefit. One way to achieve this goal is through automation. Automation can…


IRA vs. 401(k): What’s the difference between an IRA and a 401k?

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have a lot in common with employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts like 401(k)s, but differ in many important ways. Let’s take a look. IRA vs 401(k): How are they alike? The main similarities include tax-deferred growth possibilities,…


Life Insurance

Understanding the different types of life insurance.

You probably know that having a life insurance policy is important, but may not know which of the array of options is right for you. Here, we break down the different types of policies and explain which may be better…


The basics of life insurance.

September is national Life Insurance Awareness Month. And while it’s important to consider life insurance throughout the entire year, this “holiday” can be extra motivation to re-evaluate your current policy — or more importantly, look into buying one if you…


Education and College Planning

The balancing act: Retirement savings, college, and caregiving.

It’s no secret that these days, many people are juggling care for their children, themselves and their parents. This situation can be emotionally draining and it’s often financially challenging — there might not be enough money to go around. Each…


What you need to know about managing and repaying your student loans.

A college or graduate degree can be valuable and empowering. It can also come at a significant cost, mostly in the form of student loans. If you or someone you know is faced with the challenge of repaying student loans,…


Family and Finances

5 cost-saving tips for wedding guests.

We all know that weddings can be expensive. In fact, the average wedding cost more than $33,000 in 2017.1 But the happy couples aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch. A recent study showed that the average wedding guest spent…

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Financial impact of divorce.

Divorce brings dramatic life changes for an estimated 1.3 million couples a year in America. One of the most challenging life changes includes the financial implications and repercussions of divorce. Separating incomes, assets, and obligations has lifelong impacts and can…


Getting Started in Investing

Long-term goals.

There are short-term goals, long-term goals, and some goals that fall in between. Usually, the differences can be boiled down to time and money. Short-term goals are achievable sooner while intermediate goals take longer and are more of a financial…

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Video: Investing basics.

In this intro to investing, we talk about setting investing goals and choosing appropriate risk levels for your timeline. We also explain asset allocation and the importance of looking at ALL of your assets when making investment decisions.