What do 401(k) investors want next? An advisor on their side.

Technology has helped make investing easier than ever, but it can be frustrating when you just want to talk to someone about your money. Our research finds that consumers want more than technology: they want a real, human financial advisor in their corner.

We offer that help at Financial Engines.

To learn more about what people had to say, we put together this infographic illustrating some of the findings from our research report, The human touch: The role of financial advisors in a changing advice landscape.

Information in this infographic comes from The human touch: The role of financial advisors in a changing advice landscape.

Financial Engines & The Mutual Fund Store mean greater access to help.

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Yesterday, we made the exciting announcement that Financial Engines has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Mutual Fund Store, an independent Registered Investment Advisor organization that provides personalized financial planning and independent advice from over 125 locations across the U.S.

We are excited to combine our online advisory services with The Mutual Fund Store’s comprehensive in-person advisory service. When the transaction closes, which we expect to occur early next year, our plan is to provide broader investment and retirement planning resources and more choice in the kind of advisor relationship that works best for you: in-person, by phone and/or online. Our plan is to offer you an unprecedented level of service to help you achieve your financial goals – because we know getting help matters when it comes to investing.

How it will work

If you already have an existing relationship with Financial Engines, this acquisition does not change a thing. Your account remains active, your service will continue uninterrupted, and there is no impact on your account fees. You can continue to count on Financial Engines for guidance and advice on your employer retirement plan. Our fiduciary standards, independent investment methodology and dedicated advisor center remain unchanged.

In the meantime, we’ve included some questions and answers below. If you have additional questions, you can reach a Financial Engines Advisor Representative at (800) 601-5957.

We will provide additional updates as we prepare to bring our firms together. Thank you for entrusting Financial Engines with your retirement saving investing as we work to help you retire well.

Questions and Answers:

Will this announcement change my existing relationship with Financial Engines?

This acquisition will not change your existing relationship with Financial Engines. You can continue to count on Financial Engines for guidance, advice and management on your employer retirement plan. Our fiduciary standards aren’t changing. We still have a legal duty to put your best interest first. And we don’t profit from the products we recommend.

What will be the impact on the current services I’m receiving from Financial Engines?

This announcement has no immediate impact on Financial Engines’ product offerings. You still have the same access to Online Advice and Professional Management from Financial Engines. Once the transaction closes, our plan is for access to the broader resources of our combined firms, including holistic financial planning, onsite seminars in the workplace, and the ability to visit a The Mutual Fund Store location for an in-person consultation. We will share more information with you in early 2016 as the transaction closes.

Will my fees change?

This announcement has no impact on your account fees for the services you receive, or your broader relationship with Financial Engines.

Will I still be able to work with my individual advisor at Financial Engines?

Our team of advisor representatives will still be available to you by phone and online.

Are there any changes to my employer retirement plan as a result of the announcement?

This announcement has no impact on your employer’s retirement plan, or Financial Engines’ relationship with your employer. You can continue to count on Financial Engines for guidance, advice, and management on your employer retirement plan. Our fiduciary standards aren’t changing. We still have a legal duty to put your best interest first. We don’t profit from the products we recommend.

Financial Engines® is a trademark mark of Financial Engines, Inc.  Advisory services provided through Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C., a federally registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Engines, Inc.  Discussion of acquisition for information purposes only.  Does not constitute offer of services or promise of future services; or projections/guidance for Financial Engines, Inc..

Financial Engines expands access to our investment advisors.

Last week, we announced that we are expanding access to our experienced investment advisor representatives. Now, anyone with access to Financial Engines services through their employer can pick up the phone to talk with an advisor at no additional charge.

See if you are eligible for Financial Engines.

You can now talk with one of our advisors whether you have already started using our service or are simply considering it. Previously, access to our advisors was a feature for those enrolled in the Financial Engines managed account program. We will be rolling out this service with different employers into 2016, but don’t let that stop you if you’re ready to call.

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Our experienced, licensed advisors provide you with personal, unbiased help with retirement plan accounts, income planning and a variety of financial topics. You can talk with an advisor on the phone, via webcam and live chat. Our advisors are non-commissioned and do not sell investment products.

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Not sure where to start? Our advisors can talk with you about your specific situation, including analyzing your retirement plan and outside accounts, savings rate recommendations, and assistance with Social Security claiming strategies. In addition, you can get help with a variety of other topics that can impact your financial wellbeing.

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If you’re still unsure about calling an advisor, watch this short video to see how simple it is. We look forward to hearing from you!

Personalized, integrated Social Security and income planning services.

In March, we conducted a study that found Americans are over-confident in their ability to make good Social Security claiming decisions. It turns out that a lot of people need help with this important decision.

Today, we launched new Social Security guidance and income planning services that help people understand how to get the most out of their Social Security benefits and see how the pieces of their retirement income come together after they stop work.

It’s available at no additional charge to employers that offer Financial Engines’ retirement planning services or their employees who use it. And because we feel so strongly that everyone should be able to get the most out of their Social Security benefits, we’re also making the Social Security planner available to all Americans at no charge on www.financialengines.com.

Why is Social Security so important?

Social Security is the foundation of most peoples’ retirement. According to the Social Security Administration, 60 percent of Americans rely on Social Security for more than 75 percent of their income in retirement. It’s also complicated, with thousands of strategies for a married household. In general, it can pay to delay claiming Social Security because your benefits increase 6-8 percent per year you put off claiming. Our study found that the typical American couple leaves more than $100,000 in lifetime benefits on the table because they didn’t understand all of their options.

Here’s what our new Social Security planner offers*:

  • Personalized Social Security plan – Tell us a bit about your situation, and in about five minutes, you’ll get a personalized Social Security plan that can help you make the most of the Social Security benefits you’ve got coming to you.
  • An integrated approach – Unlike most Social Security calculators, which treat claiming Social Security as an isolated, individual decision, our Social Security and income planning services create a personalized strategy that considers other income sources and the full range of life expectancies for individuals or both spouses in a married household.
  • Personalized income plan – Users who have access to Financial Engines’ services through their employers can consider different strategies and receive a clear, personalized income plan, based on their individual situation, which shows how the components of their retirement income come together. The comprehensive plan includes other income sources, including part-time work and pensions, and shows how retirement savings in a 401(k) or IRA can be converted into income to help bridge the gap between retirement and claiming Social Security benefits.**
  • Access to an advisor – All participants with access to the new service through their employer can talk with a Financial Engines advisor at no additional cost. Many of our advisors are certified by the National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) program and can help callers clarify Social Security’s complexities. Advisors can work with callers to create Social Security or income plans and answer questions. Screen sharing is available so that callers can see their plans take shape in real time.

Visit www.financialengines.com to generate your own Social Security plan today!


*Financial Engines’ Social Security guidance can provide reasonable estimates for you and your spouse age 18-69; estimates are not guarantees of future benefit payments. Income planning experience available for participants age 55-69 AND 7 years or less from retirement. All estimates are based upon information about you, your stated goals as well as current Social Security laws, rulings and formulas available from the Social Security Administration. Decisions regarding Social Security are highly personal and depend on a number of factors such as your health and family longevity, whether you plan to work in retirement, whether you have other income sources as well as your anticipated future financial needs and obligations. Certain limitations apply.