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We recently published a blog summarizing the research we conducted about getting investment help. The big takeaway: people of all ages who were using help offered by their companies were better off when they used professional help than those who did not.

What does “getting help” mean?

It’s as simple as talking with our advisor representatives. Below is a story about one customer, a married couple who are enrolled in Financial Engines Professional Management program to help them plan for their imminent retirement. While balancing decisions about when to retire, when to start Social Security and more, it’s really hard to figure your monthly income if you don’t have all the pieces in one place.

Here’s how it all came together for one couple.

Our advisor representative, Virgil, met with this couple over a series of phone calls and put together a consolidated income plan for them by first getting all their accounts loaded into their Financial Engines profile so all three of them could see the big picture.

Together, they reviewed the options, and the couple made decisions about how to start making the transition: turning their savings into income. Now they have a plan for today that will help take them through their retirement.

Let Financial Engines help you plan your future.

If you are eligible to work with Financial Engines (find out here), we have different ways to work with you based on your individual needs. If you are nearing retirement age, it’s a great idea to talk with someone about your plan for retirement income – from using your savings to starting Social Security. Our advisor representatives are happy to help.

Videos linked to this blog are for educational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice or an offer to buy or sell any security or insurance product over the Internet.