Financial Advisor Team

Let’s prove we’re the good guys.

Let’s stop making billions for corporations and start making life better for real people. Let’s pull back the curtain (or at least add a window).

Let’s reinvent financial planning.

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Win-Win Advice

We’re financial advisors. Counselors. Lifeguards. Guides. Fiduciaries. Which means on our team, the right thing for your clients is also right for your career.


People shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get help. So we’ve set up accessible, friendly Financial Advisor Centers just about everywhere. Take your pick: We’ve got locations, from small offices in rural areas to large ones in urban centers. Although each individual location reflects its people, we can still give you a taste of what life is like on our team.

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Proudly Fiduciary

Providing people with advice that’s in their best interest has been hotly debated. Regardless of mandates coming out of Washington, D.C., the importance of working with a fiduciary is critical. We’ve always been a fiduciary and always will be, which means we work in your best interest, not ours. Always. We’ll keep doing what we do: honestly, ethically and carefully, giving everyday Americans the power to grow.

It’s Personal

As an Edelman Financial Advisor, you shouldn’t have to waste time finding clients. Our reputation as the country’s largest independent registered investment advisor means you can spend more time where it matters – giving personal advice to your clients.


You do right by the client.
We do right by you.

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Let’s Talk

What do you think? Shall we join forces?

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