Corporate Team

Let’s give the advantage instead of taking it.

We think asking for help is a sign of strength. We’ve set up a culture that revolves around collaboration and support. The result is a team of individuals who make each other stronger. Come see what you’re capable of when you have the right resources.

Let’s reinvent corporate.

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Our Purpose

Billionaires don’t need you—their future is already golden. But there’s a neighbor in Michigan who wants to retire. There’s a friend in Oregon who doesn’t understand Social Security benefits. And there’s a family in Florida with three college-bound kids. Those are the people who need you. And so do we.

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Why You and Why Us

We help people just like ourselves. We hire people who share our values. That’s what keeps us all on the same side, working for each other and our clients.

We’re looking for you because you have skills that every company needs.

HR is critical, accounting is essential, legal safeguards us all. So why would you join Edelman Financial Engines when you have your pick of industry and location? Because for 20 years, we’ve been helping people save for retirement. And we’re expanding to reach out to even more Americans—we need you to help us do it.

Proudly Fiduciary

Providing people with advice that’s in their best interest has been hotly debated. Regardless of mandates coming out of Washington, D.C., the importance of working with a fiduciary is critical. We’ve always been a fiduciary and always will be, which means we work in your best interest, not ours. Always. We’ll keep doing what we do: honestly, ethically and carefully, giving everyday Americans the power to grow.


You do right by the client.
We do right by you.

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Let’s Talk

What do you think? Shall we join forces?

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