Our History

Financial Engines, Inc. welcomed The Mutual Fund Store to the family in 2016. 

By coming together, we look forward to not only providing our customers with more comprehensive financial planning services, but also to in-person advisors at more than 140+ national locations.

Financial Engines was cofounded in 1996 by William F. Sharpe, a winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on the theory of financial economics. Sharpe studied how prices of financial assets are determined, and the link between risk and return.


The Mutual Fund Store was opened by Adam Bold in 1996. After debuting The Mutual Fund Show® radio program, a second store opened in the St. Louis area, and a business model was born. Their advisors developed personalized investment plans for clients using no-load and load-waived mutual funds.

Financial Engines pioneered online investment advice with the launch of the first independent online advice platform, and transformed the way people plan, save, and invest for retirement, regardless of their wealth or expertise. By joining forces with The Mutual Fund Store, we can offer personalized financial planning and objective advice, in person, to everyday Americans across the country.